See What Your Favorite Celebs Will Look Like When They’re Old

Photoshop is used for so many things these days, some of them important and some purely for fun. It turns out that it’s an easy way to predict the future. No one wants to age, but those in Hollywood often take drastic steps to stay looking young.
Retouched photos and the use of makeup artists and stylists can often trick the public into thinking a celeb is much younger than they really are. It makes you wonder what they would look like if they were your average Joe. For those celebs who are still young, it’s fun to see what time might do to their image.
You’d be surprised to find that some celebrities still look pretty darn good in their old age. Have a look!
Justin Bieber by Hidreley

Halle Berry by David Berettaowens

Emma Watson by Ivanildo

Diane Kruger by Mandrak

Obama by Luiz Carlos Estati

Christina Aguilera by Grumplebits

Natalie Portman by John McConneell

Cameron Diaz by Mandrak

Adrien Brody by Richard Morton

Kate Moss by Grumplebits

Paris Hilton by Grumplebits

Marilyn Monroe by Andrzej Dragan

Brandon Routch by Mz Presto

Mona Lisa by Roberto Weigand

Miley Cyrus by Felipe Bolfe

Gwen Stefani by Grumplebits

Gwyneth Paltrow by The Brok