Cheech Marin Was Far More Than Just A Stoned Pot Head

Cheech Marin may be famous because of his endeavors with the “Cheech and Chong” franchise, but he has held his own in other projects that don’t involve the skunk.
In other words, he wasn’t always toking the line.
Cheech Marin has acted in many movies and TV series that transcend the crazed media pot frenzy era of the 1970s.
Do we love the Cheech and Chong albums and then, movies? Of course!
But, Cheech Marin never let himself be boxed into being a “stoner” for all of his life. Here are some acting roles that show the talent of the un-tethered Cheech Marin. Far out, man!
Yellowbeard (1983)

Even though Tommy Chong was also in this movie, Cheech made it his own!
Born in East L.A. (1987)

This was his first time as the “leading man” in a movie!
The Golden Palace (1992)

Cheech took a shot at a Golden Girl’s spinoff, and it worked!
Married with Children (1987-1997)

Cheech gave voice to Buck, the family dog, on this hilarious sitcom!
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Cheech played three different roles in this incredible movie.
Tin Cup (1996)

Cheech Marin helped bring the warmth to this date night movie.
South Park (2004)

Chief Running Pinto brought the voice of reason!
Nash Bridges (1996-2001)

Cheech always had a comeback for Don’s snark!
Grindhouse (2007)

Cheech was in the (then) fake trailer for Machete as a shotgun-toting Padre which left us fans very happy, even if it was only for two minutes. Check out the real 2010 movie Machete for much more!
Lost (2007-2009)

Cheech plays Hurley’s dad in flashbacks.
Rob (2012)

Cheech plays Rob Schneider’s father-in-law in this funny but, short-lived sitcom.
Jane the Virgin (2014)

Here’s to our favorite mellow fellow from the 70s along with hopes to see him onscreen much, much more in the future.