Kendall Jenner Shows Why Sexy Is Her Natural Easy Look


How does Kendall make sexy look easy? What’s her secret? Sometimes she seems like she’s just playing at sexy.
You know, like a kitty with a ball of yarn. She gives the impression she thinks all this fuss about sexy is just a little silly. And what does that impression do? It just makes her more sexy.

The makeup and the leopard stole say All Grown Up. Then she does the lip thing. Awwww…
We’re helpless before her!
Remember Kendall’s Easter Special?

You will now!
Her Shape Is Her Signature

‘How many can say that? Can anyone else? You cam’t really see her face…
…But – boom! – it’s Kendall.
‘Wanna See?’

She’s just playing with us…
Elegant Beyond Her Years


So far, a public life pretty much free of bumps and bruises…
The Long And Lean Difference

It lets her get away with doing this in a one-piece.


We’d never tell a lie to you, Kendall! Well maybe…
‘Night, Night’

In black and white!

Kendall in ‘Sexy by accident’ mode.
Just A Touch…

Nothing accidental here!
Say Hi To The Sunshine

It’s easy, when everything’s so bright.
It’s That Bunny Again

Always on the Go

Do you think she would mind if we hitched a ride?

How about just a little lotta leg?